Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Hate These Stories

Though I'm not currently reporting on a daily basis for WGCH, I still broadcast games and appear on the station. So it was with great sadness that I read of Paul Burke, the Greenwich High School boys lacrosse coach, being found guilty of drunken driving in November.

The Greenwich Time reported an update last week.

As is their wont, Greenwich Roundup was quite critical of the Time.

I'm just waiting for Mr. Uber-Scribe (Bill Clark) to check in with his oh-gee-isn't-it-funny-I'm-calling-them-the Yellowich Time take (with the words normally in yellow).

I know Paul Burke and he has been decent and pleasant to me for years. That's always enough of a barometer, along with how people treat my son (and Paul always got passing grades on that). I'll go so far as to admit that I like him - we were in the same press box for years, and I covered his lacrosse teams, and also saw him when he was the JV basketball coach.

I reported the story of the recent charges when it broke about a year ago, and Paul knew that I was doing my job. He understood and thought I was fair. That's all I try to be.

I guess I did what needed to be done; It obviously wasn't fun for me. Now as to what wasn't being reported - sure, I had heard of other items, but it was all "whispers" and such. Nothing firm, and GHS radio broadcasts aren't the time for investigative reporting. They're for play-by-play, and we've always believed in reporting what is on the field.

With his conviction, Paul is looking at jail time. I feel for him, and hope he gets the needed help to conquer whatever demons loom. I know of the outrage over his coaching impressionable individuals, and I understand those concerns. I wish all concerned parties a lot of luck as they deal with this situation.

Most of all, I wish Paul Burke well to right whatever is wrong.

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