Thursday, December 10, 2009

Please VOTE (With VIDEO)

I've been beaten over the head with this so many times, that I'm overdue to put it on the blogerooski. Please watch the following video (linked here).

Okie dokey then. Now, go to that link and vote for it. Bassick High School is up for $15,000 and the honor of winning the State Farm Friday Night Feats title for best video.

The pressure from their group on Facebook has put it mildly...relentless. That being said, I wouldn't vote for it or endorse it if it wasn't worth it. The Lions made a great to play to beat Harding, and they seemed to do it with class. I like that.

So go vote because the contest ends tonight. All you have to do is rate the video - slide your mouse across the number of stars to rate it and you're done.

And we'll all sleep easier.


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