Tuesday, December 29, 2009

John Sterling's Final Out of the 2009 World Series (With VIDEO)

I had not seen this piece of YouTube goodness. This is the final out of the 2009 World Series, shot from the Yankees Radio Network booth. Watch Sterling as he shakes and rocks after calling the final out.

For a Yankees fan, it's funny. For a broadcaster and an historian, it's a bit tough to watch. Since I'm all three, I find that I will retain my sense of humor and laugh at it. I have to admit that I'll understand if annoys you.

The link is here.

By the way, my boss from Hudson Valley Talk Radio (Mount Saint Mary College) called me today. Just to see how I was. To wish me happy holidays. To let me know he's got a banner we can use to advertise our broadcasts. To tell me the broadcasts sound better than he even expected.

And to make sure all paperwork has been filed so that I can get paid for my efforts.

I didn't ask for the call, but I absolutely appreciated it.

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