Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Melkman Has Been Delivered!

Never was a huge Melky fan, and thought either he or Cano had to go.

From Tyler Kepner's Twitter page:
Javier Vazquez traded to Yanks for Melky Cabrera, Mike Dunn and a prospect. Yanks also get LH reliever Boone Logan. Tremendous deal for NYY.

Since Yanks traded Vazquez after 2004 ALCS, he has over 1000 innings and over 1000 strikeouts. Only other pitcher to do it: Johan Santana.
OK, then. I haven't been able to confirm the deal yet, but Kepner is a very solid reporter, so this seems like good info.

I loved when the Yankees first got Vazauez, but then he "EPIC FAILED" in New York. Let's see how it goes the second time.

As for Melky, I'm sure all Yankees fans thank him for his time, and his sometimes very clutch play. Good luck in Atlanta.

UPDATE: Mark Feinsand confirms it, and adds to what I was thinking...the potential for the return of Johnny Damon, now that Melky is gone.

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