Sunday, December 20, 2009

Apparently John Mayer Thinks He's Better Than Us

John, dude. You're a Connecticut guy. A fairly talented musician whom I spent precious pennies on to go see (but then again, I was there to see Ben Folds). You could pretty much be with any woman you want. And you're funny.

In other words, you "get it."

But then again, you might tweet that I'm using a "dumb" expression.

Over on his Twitter page today, Johnny Jam Jam wrote the following:
Let me be the first to say it: the 2000s was the dumbest decade in recorded history

You may not appreciate it now, but in the next 2-4 years the true dumbness of the decade will age like a fine, insipid wine.

Dumb: "It's like a car crash, you can't look away," a crude attempt at justifying having terrible tastes in entertainment.

Dumb: "Epic fail," a phrase used to make fun of someone's failed attempts, written by people living in their parents' basements.

Dumb: "Just Saying." A phrase meant to divorce one's self from responsibility for having a cheap laugh at someone's expense.

"Hot mess," "train wreck," cutesy combined celebrity couple names, "TMI," Feigned shock, Sentences that begin with "bitch."
I'm fairly certain more strokes of genius will follow. Of course, the first decade of the 21st Century was the one in which we were introduced to John Mayer. That would be dumb, no? Is "no" 21st century dumb also? Was his concert in 2007 in Hartford "like a car crash?" Perhaps, although I think part of my life was by that night (obviously). Was his relationship with Jennifer Aniston an "epic fail?"

Or is he just trying to tell us all that he's smarter than us?

"Just sayin.'"

John, would you have said the same thing about any other decade, be it "radical", "cool", "tubular", "awesome", or any other slang/vernacular? Stop looking so freaking arrogant. To quote another phrase: "you're better than that."

No seriously. I've defended the guy, but he's coming off a little (no, a lot) precious here.

This could be a moment in which I will authorize the use of "shut up and sing."

By the way, since we're rocking (hmmm...another slang term of late) entertainment thoughts, let me add an "RIP" to Brittany Murphy, dead of a heart attack early today at the age of just 32. I think "Clueless" was one of the cooler guilty pleasures of the 90's, and Murphy was a huge part of that.

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