Thursday, December 10, 2009

Muchas Linky Dinkas

An easy way to play catch-up!

My Vin Scully montage has almost reached a life of its own! Ken Levine has had quite an amazing career in TV, and now in sports. And he was kind enough to link to the montage.

UniWatch is such an outstanding site for people like me. In this link, they discuss a recent article in The Hockey News about the greatest jerseys (or sweaters) of all time. I think that would make for a fun future blog post, or a "Press Box" show. Or both.

There is so much high school football stuff to get to, so let's have at it. First, I firmly believe that, despite a 7-3 record, Greenwich was among the best teams of the 2009 season. Fortunately Sean Patrick Bowley agrees with me.

SPB also had the guts to put Greenwich over St. Joseph - something that the state polls and the Bill Gonillo Five voters didn't have.

The coaches poll is here.

The CSWA poll is here.

The state writers poll is here.

I will offer this: Greenwich often shot themselves in the foot with some silly stuff. Yet if not for the personal foul and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties at the end of the New Canaan game (both legit, I suppose), the Cards would have won that game. A somewhat similar scenario played out in the Staples game as well. BUT LET ME BE VERY CLEAR - THE OTHER TEAM WON, AND DESERVEDLY SO. Thank you.

Tim Parry apparently had an error in an article and it caused Staples coach Marce Petroccio some grief. Tim will gladly "man up" when he makes a boo-boo, even one that was completely honest. He writes about it here.

Back to the Bill Gonillo Five. I fail to see how - as Staples beat Central for the FCIAC Championship and Greenwich, but New Canaan got pasted by the Hilltoppers - the Rams won the final poll. But I have tremendous respect for coach Lou Marinelli and his team, so congratulations. Yet the voting that I saw in 2009 made me wonder if we should just throw polls out - once and for all. Or change the process. Or something.

Oh and if you notice, Staples was ahead of New Canaan in all three state polls. Just sayin'.

Lastly, I think everyone's radar was up when Turner Baty arrived in New Canaan. Something smelled fishy, and now it's all beginning to bubble to the surface. Dave Ruden writes that Turner and his family might be moving back to Florida - making him a hired gun.

Make sure to read the comments. As usual, they're amusing.

We'll see what comes of it, but this is what I know: I met Turner at the Hall of Fame dinner a few weeks back. We also had him on WGCH as a post-game guest. He seemed like a very poised, nice, classy kid. That's all I can go by.


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