Saturday, December 19, 2009

No Tears For Johnny

I didn't like it when Johnny Damon came to the Yankees. I mean, one of Boston's "idiots" with the Bombers? Yet he won me over with his play and the way he adapted to New York. He did so very early on in the his first season, reminding me that once you're on the team that I root for, you get my support.

Even for players for drive me crazy (see: Cano, Robinson and Delivers, The Melkman).

So as the 2009 season went along, I heard more about Damon's wanting to remain with the Yankees. Of course, he had a huge moment in the World Series (arguably an all-time moment), and the talk began that indeed Johnny would be back.

With the addition of Curtis Granderson and yesterday, Nick Johnson, it seems that someone else will say "Here's Johnny!"

Yes, it's business. That's what is sad about baseball. Fans get screwed; nothing new there. But let us - once again - take a look at who Johnny Damon's agent is!

Sing along, everyone!

Scott Boras! Yes, that's right! Arguably the not ALL of professional sports. Oh I get it - Damon is the player and the player can stand up (a la Alex Rodriguez) and tell Satan Boras to "suck it" (or perhaps use other words). Now I'm sure Scott is a great guy and all, and he'd be fun to grab a beer with, while listening to him settle another $148 million dollar contract via cell phone as he drives his Porsche through downtown La-La Land, but when it comes to business, he's dirt.

Maybe, just maybe, Johnny has got himself a better deal somewhere else. And sure, he needs the money (because that extra million means so much!). But Damon was working on becoming a legend in New York. The lower seats in right had become "Damon's Deck" in the same way that Boston has the "Pesky Pole." While he can carry his legacy, he now leaves for better days.

If he returns, great. If not: best wishes, Johnny. And thanks.

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