Tuesday, December 08, 2009

So This Is Christmas (With VIDEO)

(Video link is here)

The world lost John Lennon 29 years ago tonight. My friend Amy Beth takes a look back at that night, the time before, the years after, and the complicated, fascinating man that Lennon was. It's a terrific read.

I remember perfectly when George Harrison died. Amy Beth and I talked on her show on WGCH about George, music, and the loss. So to read her words about John took me back.

I always thought The Beatles would eventually reunite, if only for something like Live Aid. They had talked about it, and John had occasionally hinted at it. The biggest thing was for the two battling "brothers" (Lennon and Paul McCartney) to set aside their differences.

I'm not sure there would have ever been a full reunion - album, tour, etc - but I always thought their philanthropic interests would have made them perfect for the rock causes of the 1980's. Of course, none of it mattered after Mark David Chapman took John's life in 1980.

I guess we're stuck to imagine.

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Georgia Road Geek said...

Lennon's youngest son, Sean, believes the "conspiracy nuts" who think that the U.S. Government used some kind of "mind control" device on Mark David Chapman to get him to kill Lennon. Sheesh! :(