Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Too Many Links

Well, we'll try to cover them all on a rainy Wednesday.

From Songkick, here are the top 10 cities for live rock music.  New York (and the Northeast in general) are nowhere near.  I can't say I'm surprised.  For one thing, the value of a show in the Northeast is garbage.  You need a mortgage to go to a show.  Then, most of the shows are, well, not that good.  Just not.  Sorry.

From Beckett Media comes a picture of what Derek Jeter would like like in each baseball uniform.  Some are just funny (the Pirates?).  Some made me physically sick (no surprise - the Sawx and the crosstown nitwits).  Here's the deal - if Jeter goes, fine.  But I'm done with him at that point.  He will have sold out for the money.  Period.  The only uniform I care about is the one that has 27 rings.

That being said...he's coming back to the Bronx (LoHud Yankee Blog).  Done.  And could Zack Greinke be a possibility?

Not a great offseason in The Bronx.  Jeter...Rivera (oh God...sign the man for whatever he wants!)...and silliness among the ticket holders (NYY Stadium Insider).  Maybe I don't regret not renewing my tickets after all.  TV and the occasional tickets seem a lot better to me for all sports.  What's really being gained by being there?

The Yankees family lost Gil McDougald (LoHud).  I probably never heard of him.  A lot of us who know our history knew who he was.

More Yankees are on the Hall of Fame ballot, including...GULP!...ConstanTino Martinez!  Wow...getting older.  Loved Tino...not a Hall of Famer (LoHud...again!).

Jeff Pearlman breaks down the NFL Hall of Fame ballot.  He doesn't agree with me (SHOCKING!).  He doesn't think Jerome Bettis belongs in the Hall.  I'm driving the Bus to Canton!  He also doesn't think Dermontti Dawson is worthy.  *sigh*

Fang's Bites says ESPN has a new booth for Sunday Night Baseball, with Dan Schulman and Bobby Valentine joining Orel Hersheiser.  That should be good.  On the other hand, the radio side will stay in the hands of the so-so (at best) Jon Sciambi, who will be joined by Chris Singleton.  Dave Campbell, one of the best in the biz, is out.  That's a crime.

From Stuck in the 80's Sir Bob Geldof tells what he thinks the two worst songs are.  He's wrong about one of them...

Jon at Vintage Richmond brings us a picture of the flooding near Main Street Station in June, 1972, courtesy of Hurricane Agnes.

Jon wrote an entertaining look back at his days among the elite of hardcore music (I'm not kidding when I say fact, he still is).  He wrote for Double Cross.  Pay special attention below the Up Front poster well down in the post, when he talks about his most memorable times at the old Anthrax club in Norwalk, CT.  He mentions a friend (though not by name).  My oh my, I'll NEVER forget that night!

By the way, I normally post a video of Sean and I doing one of those JibJab video things (you know them if you've seen them).  I don't know...I'm just not into it this year.  It's been ruined for me, or something.  No big loss.

The great Scully's birthday just passed (Media Bistro).  I don't thank God too often, but I thank God for Vin Scully.  He's 83, and he is still better than any of us in the broadcasting business.

Not to be forgotten, Bob Wolff (who had the radio call of Don Larsen's perfect game...called by Scully on TV), is also still the age of 90!  Link from National Sports Journalism Center.

Was it a slew foot (Deadspin)?  Was it not?  Sidney Crosby says it's much ado about nothing.  Mike Milbury says no way.  Brandon Dubinsky and others say it was dirty.  Looked pretty sketchy to me, and there's no doubt that Crosby not being penalized for it was a superstar call.

Guess that's all I have.

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