Thursday, December 30, 2010

If a Bowl Game is Played, and Nobody is There…

They just kicked off in Yankee Stadium.  Kansas State got an early touchdown to take a 7-0 lead over Syracuse in the Pinstripe Bowl.  Problem is, the Stadium kind of looks like this…
OK, that’s an exaggeration.  I know Nick Fox and Sean Patrick Bowley are both there, and there is a rather small crowd.  I might have gone if it was affordable.  Yet I can’t help but note that if, just if, the NHL had been allowed to hold the Winter Classic there in two days, there would have been an overflow crowd.

The Pinstripe Bowl didn’t need to happen this year.  Next year would have been just fine.  Based on the turnout in The Bronx, New Yorkers agree.

PS – Congratulations to Army on their 16-14 win over SMU in the Armed Forces Bowl in Dallas.  It’s their first bowl win since topping Illinois in the Peach Bowl in 1985, and their first bowl appearance since 1996.  Nice win for the Black Knights of the Hudson.

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