Sunday, December 19, 2010


For those who inquired, yes, I went to the emergency room on Friday for kidney stones.  It's the second time I've waged that war.  I feel better today, though maybe not quite 100% yet, but I think I am probable to play today against the Jets.

Thanks for the concern and support of all.

I knew this was coming (the FCIAC Football Blog is gone).  Tim says he's not coming back and I respect his decision.  I won't tell tales out of school, but I can tell you that, as his friend, Tim has pit up with a lot of shite from a lot of people.  Coaches, parents, writers, players, and fans need to look at themselves in the mirror for the stuff they would say or write to a guy that was just trying to provide a service to fans of the FCIAC.  I, once again, mourn the loss of it, and did what I could to convince Tim to stick around.

Though I'm his friend, I won't tell you that I blindly defend Tim, nor will he blindly defend me.  We keep it real and honest.

Yet after seeing some of what he went through, I don't blame him.  This past week was a great example of true bush league behavior.  I've probably said more than I should so I'll stop.

John Nash pays tribute here from his Hour Sports Minute Blog.

Speaking of farewells, Ken Fang writes one of the best media blogs on the planet.  He also writes on Twitter.  Or at least he did.  He discusses his decision to back away from Twitter on his blog.

I suppose some of these feelings can go along the lines of "the terrorists win" or "the inmates run the asylum."  Whatever.  I've had my own moments when I've wanted to walk away from "Exit 55", Facebook, and others because I seem to get in trouble for what I write, for having strong opinions, for writing too much, for being online too much.

I've talked about this before.  It's an ongoing battle.  I've seen blogs openly mocked.  That's the business of the writer but of course, I think there are plenty of reputable, hardworking writers out here.  It's a shame that we need to feel this way. 

It's a further shame that Ken and Tim have made their decisions.

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