Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post Number 330

750px-NY-330.svg(Courtesy of Wikipedia.  Apparently, NY State Route 330 was decommissioned in 1980 and is now Tomkins County Route 115…that is likely of little interest to you)

I like numbers and little facts.  It is with that spirit that I present the 330th post in 2010, tying Exit 55’s output for 2010 with that of 2008.  I don’t have it in me to reach the 464 posts that I wrote in 2009.

To be fair, it’s not about the quantity.  Sometimes I write a short post.  Sometimes I write more.  I hope it’s about the quality.  I hope I entertain everyone just a bit.  I like to make people laugh.  I also like to spark debate and make people think.  I suppose there are moments when I want to touch you as well.  Occasionally I like to offer some insight into that lump three feet above my ass (Tom Hanks, “A League of Their Own”).

Repeatedly, I give thought into what I write here.  I see things that are blog posts all the time, yet they never get written.  Many times I get to the computer after the fact and the post just simply does not live up to what I was thinking “in the moment.”

I think 2010 might have been the year in which I deleted the most posts as well.  I wrote things – some of them pretty good – that just weren’t right.  Wrong tone.  Wrong words.  Wrong topic.

Overall, I still think we’ve evolved.  Hopefully I’ve gotten better.  Hopefully the spirit hasn’t changed.

What I do here (or on Facebook or Twitter, for that matter), isn’t for attention.  You bet I have an ego (can’t do what I do without some kind of one) but it’s rare that I write something begging for a response.  When I write with desperation about my job situation, or lack thereof, you better believe that’s a cry for help.  

Beyond that, a lot of it is for fun.

I write so many things that get crickets.  No big deal.  Responses are nice.  Readership is nice.  Attention can often be negative, so you have to be careful what you wish for.  I started “Exit 55” not concerned if anybody read it.  I like having readers, don’t get me wrong!

I like when I get “likes'” on Facebook.  Yet again, I lose no sleep.

I enjoy writing this blog, and so I continue to do it.

It will continue into 2011, whether I say “Happy New Year” or not!

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