Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank You, Jeff Pearlman

I've linked to his blog more times than is probably allowed (and I'll be doing it me), but Jeff Pearlman said almost everything I wanted to say.

So thanks, Jeff.  Spot on (except for the part about that windbag Evan Roberts and Mike and Mike).

More than ever, in the industry that I truly, deeply love, quality is losing out over crap.  I found that out today - beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I look around at my friends in the business.  My WGCH guys and others.  Guys who deserve to move up and all I see is a demographic of fresh-faced d-bags who think sabermetrics is the way to go.  Management, as always, wants cheap labor, and figures the listener doesn't care. 

Go to the discussion board at STAA  and you'll find a wide variety of people.  The ones I truly like (Kenn Tomasch, Phil Giubileo, Steve Penstone, Robert Ford and others) are generally grizzled veterans who speak from experience, and generally without a lot of arrogance.  Some of the younger ones (Nick Gagalis is among them) get it - they're lucky to be where they are and do so with little ego.  They're confident in their ability, and willing to be open-minded to learning.

Then there are the others.  *sigh*  Old and young (mostly young), who are so hung up on technique - wanting to be that mix of Scully, Joe Buck, Gus Johnson (or Jim Rome, and other talkers) that they've forgotten to be THEMSELVES.  Tell stories.  Call the action.  Talk.  Have fun.

It ain't rocket science.

Or maybe I'm just too old and not as good as I thought.  Yet in a rare moment of my own confidence, I'll tell you that's not the case.

This ain't bitterness, by the way.  It's frustration.  My day to call the World Series has gone, but it's not too late for a lot of talented people.  People who deserve it.  Not because they're suck-ups or because they collate media notes well.  Or because they're dating someone.  But because of they've earned it.


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