Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another Blog to Introduce You To

We love promoting other people around here in the "Exit 55" batcave.  I think we've opened eyes to a lot of interesting, fun writers.  Those who have done a good job of keeping their bloggies' relevant...and many who have simply disappeared.

You all know who you are.  No need to name names.  I've even invited some of those departed to guest-blog here and they still might.

So, without any further interruption, allow me to introduce Laura McMullin.  I've only officially met Laura twice - once at her wedding (and dear God, who remembers people then, unless they have a memory like mine?), and at her husband Bryan's grandfathers' 95th birthday party a few weeks back in Maryland.

I've told many people that Laura and Bryans' wedding was an all-timer.  Rarely have I laughed and enjoyed myself as much as I did that night back in October out on Lawn Guyland.  It was a classy and fun-filled night.  Laura and Bryan have this way of keeping laughter as a main ingredient and not taking life too seriously.  From only meeting them twice, it's something I already admire.

Anyway, I'm going off the highway here.  Back on track.  Laura has started a blog, which she says is "about my experiences creating things from a loving place."  She also says she doesn't know how to knit.  That's OK, since Bryan's cousin is a really good knitter.

You might know her.  Nice girl.  Goes by the name of "Carrie."  Pretty.  I'm kind of fond of her.

Oh, and Laura...keep up the work on the blog!

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