Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Again, Jeff Pearlman is On the Money!

Loved this.  Perfect.

If Jeff wasn't seriously up against a book deadline, he would be with his family.  Then again, he and I could sit together and toast a beverage at Panera while being told that we're both a couple of curmudgeons.  So be it.

My friend (and former WGCH colleague) Tommy Dee is often on WFANTomorrow morning he will be on with Mark Malusis and Kim Jones.  I have no problem with Malusis and am a big fan of Jones.  So listen.

Oh, and I guess I should announce, with pure joy, that WGCH will be airing seven Greenwich High hockey games, beginning on January 22.  Yours truly will be at the mic for the play-by-play of most, if not all of them (got one family conflict I'm dealing with).  I know Chris Kaelin will be along to do interviews and bench commentary, and may even step up to the analyst chair.  John Spang will hopefully be along, as will Sean Kilkelly.  Just got to confirm things with everyone!

Speaking of Sean, he has been busy at both of his blogs - Rangers Lead the Way, and Who Zeppelin.  Always worth a look.

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