Monday, December 13, 2010

The Final Bill Gonillo Six

If you believe Tim Parry, this is the final time that I will ever vote in the Bill Gonillo Five poll (of which, I vote for six teams).

We'll worry about 2011 when it gets here.  For me, I'm content to put the 2010 football season in the rear view mirror.  So let's do our final BG Six:

1) Masuk (Last time: 1)  Um....duh.  Simply awesome.  Made New Canaan look like Chris Kaelin's favorite team, the Little Sisters of the Poor (OK, not really but by all accounts, it was a blowout).  Incidentally, if I had a vote for the state (HINT!), Masuk would get my top vote, edging Xavier.

OK, so after this it all becomes a know what. Ugh...
2) St. Joseph.  That's right.  You read it.  They won a state championship and impressed me in doing so.  It's not about what happens when the year starts.  It's about where you stand when it's all over.  St. Joe's won a title.  End of story.
3) New Canaan (2).  Boy this one wasn't easy.  Still, Masuk beating them 50-20 does not ruin a year.  It shows the greatness of Masuk.
4) Trumbull (4).  Losing to Xavier in the finals is not a crime.  I'm going to pop them back up to three because of their advancing to the title game.
5) Darien (3).  Wish I could do 2A, 2B, 2C, and 2D.  That's how close I think St. Joe's, New Canaan, Trumbull, and Darien are.  I can't do it that way.  So this is it.
6) Staples (5).  Again, ugh.  I could have gone with Brookfield here, since they advanced to the Class M semis, and the Wreckers were gone after the Class LL quarters.  Still, I have major respect for the Wreckers.  They get the vote.

And so ends 2010 for high school football.  I anxiously await 2011.

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