Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Airing of Grievances (Linky Dinks)

Happy Festivus, one and all.  Join us for the feats of strength as we gather around Fesituvs Pole.

Let us begin with the airing of grievances, courtesy of Ken Fang on Fang’s Bites.  He says a lot of what I’m thinking.

Ozzy Ozborne likes Lady Gaga.  Thinks she can be another Madge.  Yep, we all know that.  Now he’d like her to disappear for a while (via Stuck in the 80’s).

You HAD to see this by now, right?

This joins I’m on a Boat, Jizz in My Pants, and Dick in a Box as examples of pure satirical genius.  I know there are others, but these four make me LOL.

Darren Rovelle wrote a strong rebuttal to UConn coach Geno Auriemma’s comments about gender bias.  I laughed at what Geno had to say, but come on now.  Relax, all.  All that being said, I think their streak deserves the same celebration as any other.  Let’s not get hung up in who is better or worse.

Jack Curry wrote a fine tribute to Bob Feller and recalled the time the Hall of Famer drove him to the airport.

We ended on a nice note to prove we’re not just airing grievances around these parts!

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