Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Great Holiday Light Display

While we get caught up in foolish arguments like saying "Happy Holidays" versus "Merry Christmas"*, let us not debate one thing.

Cool holiday (or Christmas) light displays rock.

Take this one from LaGrangeville, NY.  It is unlike anything I've ever seen in person.  We personally got to see this song - "Square One" by Coldplay.

The family who set this all up has a website.

I highly recommend it!

* Oh, the whole "Happy, er, Merry, um" argument.  I'm not sure I understand what difference it makes.  I get it.  It's Christmas.  So, yes, "Merry Christmas" when in public speaking to some random person seems OK.  That being said, without insulting other holidays and/or celebrations, how am I to know who celebrates what?  Hanukkah is over.  Duly noted.  Still, what's the problem?  So, really, why is "Happy Holidays" so bad?

When I went into McDonald's in Union Square, I held the door for a woman who was on her way out.  Now, before you paint me as some kind of chivalrous dude, it's OK.  I've done it for years, despite people rarely offering up a "thank you."  This woman, however, shocked me.  Not only did she say "thank you", she also said "Happy Holidays."  To be honest, it caught me off guard but I also liked it.  So, really, should I be offended that she didn't say "Merry Christmas?"

I've got bigger fights to deal with.  Like that whole how-am-I-supposed-to-afford-to-pay-for-Sean's-CHRISTMAS-gifts-thing.

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