Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stunned and Honored

I voiced my displeasure and frustration with the continuing dumbing down of the sports broadcasting industry on Monday.  Yesterday, I was thrilled to find that Jeff Pearlman not only read it, but he had some very complimentary things to say.  He carried on the discussion from there.

Thanks again, Jeff.

I taught at Connecticut School of Broadcasting last night, and continued to preach the same thing that I've been preaching.  Personality, preparation, stories, details.

One anonymous poster wanted to know what sabermetrics had to do with anything.  Fair question.  I'll keep my answer short.  Stats are wonderful, but too many of the current crop want to bury the listener/viewer with OPS, WHIP, WAR and so on.  They want to hit people with what a batter hit on a Saturday during a full moon in the Bush 43 years against a right-hander from Des Moines.

That, in short, is what I have against sabermetrics, as it is related to sports broadcasting.

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