Friday, December 31, 2010

Politicians Lie? NO! (The Yankee Stadium Edition)

It's interesting to find things when you go through the "Exit 55" archives!  Apparently I wrote this back on February 23, 2010, and never published it!  So since it still seems semi-relevant, I'll post it now!

I've often said how there were original plans to save portions of the original Yankee Stadium. Now, via Brad's History of the Yankees Blog, we have pictures and drawings!

This is the way it was initially proposed. Then we suddenly found out in late 2008 there was no plan to save anything. The historical society turned their noses at it. The mayor turned his back. And so on.

I know - it might be a lost cause (Rob's note - 12/31/10 - It IS a lost cause since it has already been torn down...bastards) but this is the most famous stretch of sports real estate ever and, despite the 70's remodeling, some portion of it deserves to be saved. (Rob - 12/31/10 - it wasn't.  Thanks, Bloomberg and others)

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