Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Linky Dinks

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Where to start? So random and such. OK...

Let's start with the Rangers/Devils game I attended at The Garden on Thursday. I think Mike Hume of ESPN New York does a nice job here of breaking down the good and bad.

My own $.02?  Carrie's seats are nice - good view of the Rangers' goal (for the first and third periods).  The Garden is still the best (despite the ownership).  As for the hockey?  Bad...typical preseason stuff.  The Devils committed terrible turnovers in the defensive zone and the Rangers cashed in.  The Frolov goal was so good that it made Sports Center's top plays the following morning.  I said he was a keeper.

Especially since it was preseason, I enjoyed a chance to see Martin Brodeur in net for New Jersey (I haven't seen him play live in years).  I've seen many hall of famers in person and one can't help but respect a player like that, even when they're on the opposition.  I hated - HATED  - George Brett but still had to marvel at him when he played against the Yankees.  Same for Clemens (Boston days), Barry Bonds, and many others.

The point is that I'm a fan of the sport first, and the team second.  I respect seeing legends in person.  Doesn't mean I'm rooting for them (Oh Dear God!  How I remember '94!  How could I possibly ever ROOT for Brodeur against the Rangers?)

That being said, his defense let him down, but Brodeur just didn't look sharp.  Again, it is preseason.  Oh and the Rangers looked no better.  A late meltdown led to a disgusting third-period goal that tied the game. The Rangers have some players but I don't know if there's enough.

I interviewed Sean Kilkelly on Friday's Press Box and hit him with some questions:
1) Isn't "Potvin sucks!" a little lame?  It's been over 31 years, and this was a preseason game against the Devils...not the Islanders.  Sean thought that Rangers fans have nothing else to get excited about and since it was the first night in the Garden, it might be OK (in other words, Rob, stop nitpicking).  My thought - to be consistent - I rip Yankees fans for chants of "Boston sucks" and Mets fans for "Yankees suck" when the opposite team isn't in the building.  Just seems painful to me.  I think Rangers fans are awesome - just incredible.  Passionate.  Loyal.  The Garden doesn't need to market any further, or mess with a good thing.  They're among the best in New York.  Don't let the bad apples ruin the bunch, as usual.  I guess that's the message I need to take.
2) Is Henrik Lundqvist an elite goaltender?  Sean felt that he is close to being elite, but not quite.  He cited some terrific supporting stats but still, the King (non-LeBron division) hasn't elevated his team to another level.  Sean put him around the fourth best in the NHL (in back of Ryan Miller, Brodeur and Roberto Luongo).

Good stuff.  Fun to be talking hockey again.  On with the links!

Ken Burns returns to PBS this Monday night with the newest installment to his Baseball series - "The 10th Inning."  So that means lots of Red Sox (Burns is a fan), dodging steroids, and more fawning over Jackie Robinson.

Tom Hoffarth in the LA Daily News writes about the great Dick Enberg with a column here and a follow-up web post here.  It bothers me a bit that Enberg was chided for being "too network" on his Padres broadcasts, especially for his home run call.  Dr. Enberg changed his call as a result.  Unnecessary, and shame on Padres fans and execs for being so pedestrian.  You have a treasure; don't screw with it.

I mentioned Sean the K (Kilkelly) a few paragraphs back, and he wrote on his Rangers Lead the Way blog that he created a new blog.  So now if you want all of The Who and Led Zeppelin info, Sean will meet you there.  Knowing Sean, there will more than just that.  He's a talented guy so I hope he keeps writing insightful stuff on both blogs.

Chuck Costello has more on Greenwich helping the Stamford football team.

Enough for a Sunday morning - enjoy your NFL action (if that is your flavor).  Speaking of flavors, I have to go make some more of that great coffee that Carrie and I bought for "our" new Keurig coffeemaker (I have someone really special, folks...I'm just trying to not screw it up!).

That coffeemaker was perhaps the nicest surprise I've had in a long time (and I get a little skittish about surprises...they seem to all be bad recently).

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