Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bill Gonillo Five, Week 2

Tim Parry (you know, the new dad) has posted the results of the voting for the Bill Gonillo Five.

Now my five (six, since that's how many we vote for) were Ridgefield, New Canaan, Staples, Masuk, Central, and St. Joe's. The voters, er, don't agree:

Bill Gonillo 5: Week 2
Team (1st) Points LW
1 New Canaan (7) 133 1
2 Staples (3) 92 2
3 St. Joseph (3) 74 3
4 Masuk (2) 71 4
5 Central 64 NR

Also receiving votes: Pomperaug 34, Ridgefield (1) 31, Darien 13, Norwalk 13, Bunnell 1.

That's right: Ridgefield received one first-place vote. From me. I don't know...maybe I'm drinking some Flavor Aid in which I give a team a fist-place vote and they don't even come CLOSE to making the top five?

So of course I will rethink it all by next Monday, and hope game results help me sort it all out. Yet what am I missing here? I'm a dutiful voter, and have been since Tim first asked me to join a few years ago. Still this bothered me when I read the results. I think Ridgefield is a legitimately terrific football team, and thought my choice was at least in the conversation with New Canaan and Staples.



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