Monday, September 13, 2010

Bill Gonillo Five Preseason Poll

(Sorry for the small, kind of not great quality picture of Bill.  I doubt he would have it any other way.)

So it is finally here - the week of the start of the high school football season in Connecticut. EVERYONE else is playing, and the Nutmeg State can jump on the bandwagon today.

We're so desperate to get started that we've resorted to a preseason Bill Gonillo Five poll, simply to take us away from the panic over the condition of Tyler Matakevich's foot (thanks, Tim Parry).

So what is my preseason five (or six, since we actually choose six)? I went purely off hearsay and my own thoughts.

1) Ridgefield. Lots of attention being played to the Tigers. I'll go with it.
2) New Canaan. Stil a big dog, with the big boy on the big line.
3) Staples. Pure respect. I've heard they have losses, but I've heard they made changes.
4) Central. Also pure respect though they have huge shoes to fill with Christon Gill gone.
5) Greenwich. It would be home cooking (according to some) for me to vote them any higher. They have to prove some things to some folks, me thinks.
6) Trumbull. A gut feeling. Plain and simple.

Last years' final poll is here.

I have tons of respect for everyone else (Danbury, St. Joe's, and the non-FCIAC teams). All I know is, we're almost ready to go...Greenwich and Norwalk start our year at 6:50 (pregame show) on Thursday night!

Listen to it all live on WGCH!

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