Wednesday, September 08, 2010

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Off we go!

Awful Announcing (they're back) has a contribution from Aaron Torres about broadcasters appearing in movies. Of course, he gives Bob Uecker's performance in the Major League movies and A+, and why wouldn't he? Of course, you know my opinion...Vin Scully in For Love of the Game. Near perfection, except for being saddled with Steve Lyons. Plus Bobby Murcer, in The Scout. That's right. Deal with it.

Let us not forget the large booth in the Naked Gun movie. They had room for Dr. Joyce Brothers, for crying out loud!

Besides, Aaron has a serious problem with Verne Lundquist (Happy Gilmore). And that's HIS problem.

Incidentally, Awful Announcing used to be just one guy (Brian Powell). Now it's a conglomerate. Or something. Whatever. Let us embrace it's return.

Behold the return of the Bill Gonillo Five! The weekly poll that Tim Parry moderates (and I vote in, and will moderate for a short stretch) is ready for relaunch (this is on the FCIAC Football Blog or The Road to Boyle or Whatever).

Tim has more, as there is a quarterback prodigy in the making in Fairfield County.

Still more from Tim. The folks from WWPT in Westport (Staples High School)have been nominated for a bunch of national high school radio awards. I've interviewed both Eric Gallanty and DJ Sixsmith, and one of the awards they're up for is from the Greenwich/Staples football game on Thanksgiving (which is when I interviewed them).

We're still waiting on our awards for that same game, and others!

A touching note from Tim to his brother Jimmy, who recently passed away.

Tim has plenty of more football notes on the FCIAC Football Blog!

Tim will be part of Dave Ruden's committee to select the FCIAC team of the week for the football season. Of course, no broadcasters were selected to be part of the poll. Shocking! Because, you know, Matt Levine and I are idiots.

Speaking of which - memo to MSG: can we all get along this year? We'll play nice if all of you, most importantly, Mr. Jimmy Cavallo will. WGCH is a friendly and accommodating bunch, and we're all there to do a job. No "bush league" antics this year, OK?

Here are some news and notes from Sean Patrick Bowley.

We finish our high school football section with a little preview of the Greenwich Cardinals (you might have heard of them around these parts), via something called "The Daily Greenwich."

Ever hear of Mike Edwards? No? Ever hear of the Electric Light Orchestra ("Evil Woman"? I have, and Mike Edwards was one of its founding members. The WNEW blog sadly reports that Edwards has died in a strange accident.

I've criticized the WNBA, though it's not that I dislike it. Kenn Tomasch does a nice job of speaking kindly of the league, having recently attended a game in Phoenix.

Joe Theisman? Really? Pete Dougherty says that having Matt Millen in the NFL Network booth wasn't bad enough. Any way to simply mute the TV so I can only hear the call of Bob Papa?

Ken McMillan says there will be plenty of NCAA football to be heard on one of my old radio outlets (WPUT, Brewster). WPUT was the sister station of WMJV - my first job in radio. I used to keep an eye on their equipment during my overnight shift. Ken also has details of the NFL games to be heard on the radio around the Hudson Valley.

Benjamin Hill put together notes and photo essay on his trip to Staten Island's Richmond County Bank Ballpark for a SI Yankees game.

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