Friday, September 17, 2010

John T. Becker, Former Owner of WGCH, Has Died at 90

John T. Becker was the owner of WGCH when I first joined the station in 1997. He continued to own the station until 2003, when he sold to the current owners.

Mr. Becker passed away this morning. The Greenwich Time has more.

A nice man who supported all of our sports broadcasts, and encouraged us to cover as many sports as we could, Mr. Becker was a frequent visitor to the station, though he didn't have an office.  He would occasionally talk business but, more importantly, he would stopp in to have lunch or just talk. He always talked sports with me, especially our shared love of the Yankees. It was Mr. Becker who gave me two tickets to Game Five of the 2001 American League Division Series against the A's, as the Bombers recovered from an 0-2 deficit. It was one of the most uptight and emotional nights I can ever remember in the grand old ballpark.

In 2003, Mr. Becker left a message on my voicemail to congratulate him on the birth of Sean.  However, he pronounced my son's name as "Scene."  I've called Sean that ever since.

Thanks for that, Mr. Becker.

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