Friday, September 03, 2010

An Announcement - The End of "The Press Box"

It's been a pretty emotionally draining and sometimes depressing week around the Exit 55 headquarters. The why's are not important. Just a lot of stuff going on.

Yesterday, I received more bad news. "The Press Box" has been canceled, effective at the end of September. While I am disappointed, I understand the business decision, and I don't think it had a lot to do with what we did, per se. I am grateful for the opportunity.

There is hope that we can revitalize it as a weekend show, or maybe back on WGCH. If not, I will review other potential opportunities. Or not. We will see.

So if you haven't listened, please do. I always thought that we presented a different take on things. We tried to stir passions and debates. We tried to make you laugh. We even had an emotional day or two - like the edition with Matt Brown's father, Michael Brown, who discussed his son, a hockey player who is still recovering from an on-ice injury earlier in 2010.

I liked being a bit of the ranting lunatic at times - if only to arouse a fire within you.

I wish to thank the many people who did come on as guests - Sean Kilkelly, Tim Parry, Kenn Tomasch, Paul Silverfarb, Phil Giubileo, YA Tittle, Joe Posnanski, Walter Recher, Jeff Pearlman (even if his phone died and he never returned to the show), Mike Vaccarro, the people at Kent Primary School, Michael Brown, Rit and Richie Spezzano, Marty Appel (and the amazing show we did about Thurman Munson), and Curt Smith (and the amazing show about Vin Scully). This is merely a small sample, and only off the top of my head.

We also had people agree to come on and we were just never able to slot them. Neil Best, Robert Ford, and Freddy Coleman were just a few.

Even friends and family like my cousin Kris Adams, who had never done such a thing but came on from the Yankees parade. My nephew Jake LaHiff was a fun guest one day. Niece Kendall Coen came in once. Her little sister Emma Coen spoke into the mic as well.

Of course, there was always the presence of Mr. Sean Adams. He was a guest co-host one day.

Mr. Mick McGowan (he of Section 5 fame) co-hosted once and they lost the archive. He never got his show. Mick, please come to Greenwich before the end of the month if you can!

Christine Baker (my partner from the Mount Saint Mary College broadcasts) did a great job co-hosting the show with me from The Mount back in February.

I never could convince Carrie to come on the air, but she was willing and ready to voice a new opener for me. Sadly that won't be necessary now.

The co-hosts and "visitors" also deserve a lot of praise for their contributions - first and foremost with Ryan DeMaria, who ultimately was the co-host and carried on ably when I couldn't come in. Also thanks to Chuck Costello, Chris Kaelin, Matt Hamilton, Nick Fox, Chris Erway (who, along with Ryan, helped create some of our best debates and funniest times), Tommy Dee, and Nick Angotto (who was always too kind to try to score guests for us as a HAWAII!).

Behind the scenes were Zach Budin, Kevin Cunningham, Dominic Romeo, Justin Woliner, Ops Manager John Iannuzzi, Tony "Big T" Legg, and John Aita. They were just some of the people who ran the controls of the show. From the WGCH side, Bob Small provided occasional assistance.

I'm missing people, I know, and anyone I am forgetting isn't intentional.

Finally, thanks to the listeners and callers. Those who listened gave us high praise for being fair, intelligent, and entertaining. I can't ask for much more.

It was a fun ride, and I hope we can do something again - sooner rather than later.

It was a labor of love, as I lost money doing the show.

We'll be there through the end of the month.

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Tim Parry said...

For the record, I was just an angry Yankee-bashing caller, but I'm glad to be mentioned in the same sentence as YA Tittle!