Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Brood Gets Bigger!

The Adams clan (I never say "Adams Family") has added a new member this morning, as Eleanor Armida Hernandez was born in Alabama. She is seven pounds and seven ounces, and she and her mom Kristy are doing well. Sister Evelyn and dad Hector are happy and proud!

Kristy is my niece - my brother's youngest child. Eleanor is another in a line of great nieces for me, joining Evelyn, Kendall, Emma and Elizabeth (jeez, I can't keep 'em all straight and believe me, I might be missing someone!). Factor in Kristy's two older sisters and my sisters' six kids (none of whom have children yet), plus the one and only (you know love him) Sean Robert Adams, and we have one big ol' family!

We really need to have a new family chart made up just to keep track.

Welcome, Eleanor, and listen to your mom. Yankees. Always Yankees (Hector is a Dodgers fan).

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