Thursday, September 23, 2010

Helping the Black Knights

My old WGCH colleague, Charles Costello, writes in his Techer Talk blog about he situation going on in Stamford with the Black Knights' football program. In short, coach Brian Hocter saw that he had a team that was, well, hungry. Not "football hungry" or hungry to make a play, but hungry. For food.

Charles believes that Greenwich High needs to step up, especially after people in Darien and New Canaan did their part.

I will say that the Black Knights have raised approximately $10,000 and others have chipped in with sandwiches and such. That is good to see.

As for the criticism of Greenwich High, I have known the coaches for over a decade now and they are good, charitable men. I know something will be done.

Greenwich and Stamford play Friday night at Cardinal Stadium.

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