Monday, September 13, 2010

Sean Sums It Up

My friend and broadcast partner, Sean Kilkelly hadn't been doing much with his Rangers Lead the Way blog recently, but he is beginning to rev it back up, with music, politics, sports, and so much more. His blog is easily a relative of Exit 55 (at least, that's my humble opinion) in that we write about many similar topics.

Sean has strong thoughts about the hypocrisy that is running around regarding the proposed mosque
near the site of the World Trade Center and as usual, Sean and I are in lock-step. The mosque is in terrible taste (despite what Jeff Pearlman says) but it is their right to build there. Is the outrage and protest worth it? I guess that is for them to decide.

Incidentally Jeff and I differ on a lot of stuff but he is a good writer. He also doesn't deserve some of the vitriol that is often addressed to him (I mean, really? Homophobic stuff when he is not gay (not that homophobic stuff is right at all)? Anti-Semitic things? Are we really that perverse?) Anywho, as a Jew who isn't religious (his words, though I'm paraphrasing), he had some interesting thoughts on Rosh Hashanah. Read that, and look around at his other stuff. Always provocative, for sure.

On the same page, the reaction to the proposed Koran burning was purely re-donk-ulous. If this clown in Florida wanted to do it - let him! In this day and age, who cares about books burning when we have everything online?! Further, if we (yes, the media) doesn't give it so much publicity, then it goes away. Even further, when the government (including the Secretary of State...enough said) gets involved, well, we've just jumped the shark.

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