Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Even MORE High School Football

(Greenwich High School head football coach Rich Albonizio speaks with his players after a practice session earlier this season. Photo: Greenwich Time, David Ames / CT Post)

For the love Lombardi, let's kick off the darn season! Still over 48 hours to go (and it would be even longer if not for Yom Kippur).

I digress.

Mike Cardillo was once the Sports Editor at the Greenwich Citizen (which is now rolled into the Greenwich Time). Cardillo did it all and covered it all. He was even kind enough to have nice things to say about some broadcasters in town, and went so far as to let one of those broadcasters write a guest column.

Tim Parry noted that Cardillo, now with the Connecticut Post, wrote a fantastic piece on high school football coaching. This is a must-read. I love my little Carmel Sports Association coaching job, though it is nothing in comparison to what the high school coaches go through. I've had countless conversations with people at all levels in high school sports about what a thankless position coaching can be. Yet they do it because they love sports, they love to teach, and they love the players.

Mike Cardillo doesn't really walk the football beat anymore, and I agree with Tim Parry when he says that Mike should do more with the gridiron, as he was always sharp back in the Greenwich days.

Remember...Thursday night, 6:50 PM, Greenwich at Norwalk, on WGCH (of course that's 1490 on the AM dial!).

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