Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Legends Classic Begins (with VIDEO)

I will give you the full report later on a special day spent at Fenway Park for the Legends Classic, not to be confused with the Winter Classic. The Winter Classic, of course, was between the Bruins and Flyers on January 1st. On Saturday, entertainment and hockey names of note took to the ice for charity.

Harold and I had media credentials (and our audio will be played on Monday's "Press Box"...what little we got). Yet instead of staying in the warmth of the Fenway press box, we went down to the ice for the game.

What you learn after a day like this is how you wind up on the big screens as the action goes on. You find you might end up in pictures (though I haven't found any yet). But yes, you can be in videos. On YouTube.

The B's brought Rene Rancourt to do his classic version of the National Anthem - tuxedo and all. Somebody standing on first base side recorded it. Look at the two guys framing Rancourt in the foreground. Yep...Harold and me.

Your link is here.

I did nothing to embarrass myself, thankfully. I have to admit, and you can see it - I'm so taken by this spectacle that I actually took my eyes off the flag a few times to glance at Rene Rancourt. Too awesome. Yet, in my usual style, I'm proud to say that my body does not break from standing at attention until AFTER the final note of "home of the brave." And I will admit one little thing: watch me after that note...I gently take my right pointer finger and point to the sky. It's a silent tribute to my father, who taught me to stand at attention for "The Star Spangled Banner" until the very end.

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