Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Example of Jason Whitlock Being a Clown

From his column today on Fox Spots:
It's mind blowing that ESPN's Mike Greenberg could accidently say "Martin Luther Coon" on national radio and TV on Martin Luther King's national holiday and ESPN take no punitive action.

I don't have any doubt that Greenberg regrets his mistake. I don't think his error necessarily paints Greenberg as a bigot. I don't think Greenberg should lose his job. But he should be required to do more than offer up a weak written apology. A short, paid suspension was warranted.

My tongue slips all the time. It's hard for me to fathom the King to Coon slip. King to Queen, King to Ding, King to Bling and King to Ring I totally get. King to Coon is off the table.

Greenberg has no discernible talent as a radio talk show host. ESPN pays him to say nothing and keep the "Mike and Mike" brand as non-controversial as humanly possible. He screwed up.
Far be it for me to defend Mike Greenberg, but come on. Let's analyze: the title of the holiday is "Martin Luther King Junior Day." OK, now dig deeper: "King...Junior."

Say the two fast.

There you go.

Even Whitlock, who's just always trying to stir up stuff, said that he thought Greenberg made a silly mistake and isn't a racist. So why then should Greenberg be suspended? Give me a break.

That last part about Greenberg having essentially no talent (and I've heard that one before) is gratuitous. It's also a case where Jason Whitlock should look in the mirror.

Many have said the same about him.


Sean G. Kilkelly said...

I always go off of people's past history and as far as I know "Greenie" hasn't made any racist comments in the past. So, to me, an apology is sufficient.

The "gotcha" crowd needs to get a life!

Rob Adams said...

I'm pretty sick of the "gotcha" crowd or, worse, the crowd who wants to jump on the bandwagon because they think the "PC" agenda is the way to go.