Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Everybody's Scene

The Exit 55 Book Club is open for business, and has a recommendation for you (even though I have yet to actually read it).

The book is called Everbody’s Scene: The Story of Connecticut's Anthrax Club, written by Chris Daily. The Anthrax was what can be best described as a haven for the straight edge hardcore music scene of the late 1980's. What I can also tell you is that I - yes, Mr. Vanilla Lame himself...owner of virtually everything Huey Lewis has ever recorded - once stepped foot inside the Anthrax.

I would do anything for my friend Jon from R-Va, who was still Jon from Mahopac back then. Jon was (and still is) the guitarist for Up Front, a truly legendary band on the hardcore front. He asked me and our mutual coworker Ed to go watch them play. So we went, and as I recall, Ed thought he was going to die, and was terrified to see people with piercings that were a touch unusual at that time.

Yet we didn't die, watched people stage dive and hit the mosh pit, wondered if bodies were going to land on us, and listened to the music. We stayed to see Jon and Up Front (which included Jeff Terranova, a high school friend of mine), and went home - in one piece.

The coolest thing for me about Everybody's Scene is that Jon (yes, Jon from R-Va) did the layout for the book. In fact, he came up to New York for a weekend last year to work on the book in Moby's apartment (yes, that Moby).  Moby wrote the foreword, and Jon said he's as regular as he seems.

The book received a terrific review here.

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