Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just Saying Thanks

I recently added a new program that tells me who is reading the bloggo, and where you're reading from. Now what it doesn't tell me is who sees it on Facebook, but since I've got a lot of friends there, I can assume a small percentage of them reads "Exit 55" as well.

Plus, to be honest, I guess I have to use such a tool in case anything unsavory happens - if I need an IP address.  I haven't had to do this, and I hope I never have to.

We don't have a big audience but I'm OK with it. Since I never saw this as a money-making enterprise, I don't mind.

I'm always interested to see where the blog is being read - be it in Fairfield County (we're big in Norwalk and Greenwich) to New York City to Westchester County (Yorktown Heights and Briarcliff Manor) to Dutchess County (Fishkill and Beacon) to places cities in Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Kansas.

Among many others.

Tack on the Facebook places and we have a diverse audience. I'm glad you choose to spend a few minutes here.

Thanks for doing so.


Tim Parry said...

Kansas is me - welcome to the down-side of IP Geolocation!

Our work servers are in Overland Park, KS. So if I check out Exit 55 in work, it'll say I'm there.

What's worse, I get banner ads and Google ads on my Yahoo mail page for places based in Kansas.

I loathe Internet marketing at times :)

Rob Adams said...

Ah - that's a perfect explanation.