Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Linky Dinks" Meets "Off the Bench"

This had to happen eventually. "Linky Dinks", or "Linkage", our occasional collection of links that I found of interest, had almost replaced "Off the Bench", my homage to Mike Lupica's "Shooting From the Lip." Yet as when the peanut butter met the chocolate, these two great forces have come together to join as one super blog power!

There's nothing nice about this. Haiti is in peril following a 7.0 quake, and CNN has footage of the aftermath. It's harrowing.

For the hand-wringers, let's see if we can do this better than New Orleans, 2005.

Then again, why couldn't that same attention be paid then?

Boy, good ol' Pat Robertson just continues to make friends, no? I remember telling an ex-girlfriends father that I would move to Canada if he was ever elected President.

You/we rip the New York Yankees, yet the Bombers just donated a half-million to the relief effort (via Chad Jennings of The Journal News).

Go ahead, let's hear the snarky comments.

Honestly, I wish they would keep it quiet that they donated, as with their post-September 11 efforts. No need to be flashy but then again, if they don't mention it, people will complain.

Then again, they always complain. Nothing is ever good enough.

In that same post from Chad's LoHud blog, he says Carlos Beltran is having knee surgery. I've heard that he could miss up to eight week.

Wow. I don't blame you if you want to follow another team. Come to the dark side.

Tim Parry writes that MaxPreps is demanding that schools post stats on their site. Oh baby. I can't wait to see how this one plays out. Good luck there.

Rick Reilly often boggles my mind. He was one of the things that drove me crazy about Sports Illustrated. Yet the guy can write when he plays it straight.

So Lane Kiffin, did you ever bother to unpack in Knoxville?

I want a recommendation on LinkedIn.

I'll just say it: I haven't seen "Avatar", nor do I have plans to. It goes into the box along with "Lord of the Rings" and "The Matrix", among others.

I'll go if there's a date involved.

Conan O'Brien got a raw deal. I wasn't down with Leno when he was battling Letterman nearly - GASP! - 20 years ago.

I still love Facebook. Tonight I found a friend I haven't spoken to since just after we graduated from high school. Yes, she approved my friend request.

There's one person that didn't approve my request that bothers me - only because I don't get why. I tried twice then stopped. Still don't get it.

Otherwise, I don't worry about it.

I taught at Connecticut School of Broadcasting last night, and had to take the old drive home via route 25. I needed music. New Haven's WPLR pulled a dandy and played "Still of the Night" by Whitesnake.


Think about it. We so often hear "Is This Love" or "Hear I Go Again" and are taken back to the glam side of the 80's metal scene. Yet here's a song that simply rocked.

It was cool to hear it.

I need to sleep. I've got the Mount taking on NYU Poly tomorrow night at 6:50.

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