Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oneonta? Meet Norwich!

Back on January 8th, I wrote this, based on rumblings that I had heard for a good year or more.

Now it's happening.  The New York-Penn League entry in central New York is no more.  They had been there since 1966.  I visited Oneonta as a broadcaster in 2008.

I also realized I was part of the broadcast team for the last-ever Oneonta Tigers game, at Dutchess Stadium against the Renegades.  The Tigers won that game 2-0 last September.

So long, Oneonta.  I hope the small city finds a way to put another team in there because there's a real charm to the place.

As for Norwich, it can be reached, so assuming I'm calling Gades games in 2010 (and it's looking that way...but more about that at another time), then I would say that it's quite likely I will get there for a game.

The Gades are scheduled to visit eastern Connecticut August 4-6 (that's a Wednesday-Friday).  Could be dicey but we'll see!

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