Sunday, January 24, 2010


Drew Brees and Peyton Manning will make for a terrific quarterback showdown in two weeks. Congratulations to two outstanding football teams, as they advance to Super Bowl XLIV.

Earlier in the day, the Colts and Jets played a snoozer, but the Saints and Vikings went to OT before NOLA won it with a field goal. It was fun but day-um! The Vikings sure know how to break the hearts of their fans. The overtime NFC Championship loss to the dirty bird Falcons. The NFC Championship loss to the Giants. And of course...losses to the Chiefs (IV), Dolphnis (VIII), Steelers (IX), and Raiders (XI) in the "big game."

By the way, I get it: there are fans who hate Brett Favre. You know what? You look like an ass when you act that way (I'm reading the tweets and Facebook comments). I get that he dumped on Green Bay, but he also took them to two Super Bowls and set...every...record. Should he have retired as a Packer? Sure, but he didn't. He had a hunger to play. I get that he wasn't exactly perfect in New York, but he did also have them at 8-3 at one point.

Then he went to Minnesota and had them oh so close to the Super Bowl. It didn't happen, but you know what? He's great for football. I hope he comes back next year.

Of course, then there's the great Peyton Manning. He's the second best quarterback I've ever seen, in back of Dan Marino.

Congratulations to the Jets on a great season. To me, getting to the AFC Championship Game wouldn't be enough but if they can keep what they're doing, they will be a force.

And that leaves us with New Orleans. I know, I picked them when the season began but I'm not into gloating. The blind squirrel finds the nut occasionally. More importantly, a once terrible franchise has finally made it to the Super Bowl.

The Saints are so tightly associated with their city that people are talking about New Orleans again, and that's good.

Saints/Colts. It should be a great game in two weeks.

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