Monday, January 25, 2010

What's Wrong with the Saints Being in the Super Bowl?

I'm not sure I get this post from Jeff Pearlman on his blog. Why does he care that we'll have two weeks of mindless Saints coverage? Now he's not entirely wrong, but would he have preferred two weeks of mindless FAVRE coverage? Instead we're going to have plenty of Manning (Archie played for the 'aints, and Peyton plays for the Colts...blah blah blah). We're going to have reaction shots of Eli, Archie, Olivia (Mama Manning), Cooper (the older brother), and so on.

As I alluded to last night, maybe the Saints being in the Super Bowl will put some attention back on the city of New Orleans and their recovery from Hurricane Katrina. Yet I would prefer that the media doesn't only go...
searching for any face (preferably a downtrodden-looking African-American male) to tell the camera/mic/tape recorder how horrible life has been, what with the ruin, the poverty, the lack of federal interest, the ongoing health issues. (from Jeff Pearlman)
It would be nice if they search for faces of all races. Don't just show me the Lower 9th Ward. Show me Gretna, Metarie, Algiers and Kenner. Take your cameras to Gulfport and Biloxi, Mississippi. Take a ride on Louisiana route 23 (some of which I got to drive). Show us if life is improving, and where and, if not, why?

Try to think outside the proverbial box. Otherwise, I won't pay attention.

Jeff doesn't really say why he's so wrapped up with the New Orleans thing and, to be honest, he seems almost bitter about the Saints being there. Yet a few posts earlier, he's all "rah rah" about the Jets (his team) - almost as if it was a moral victory. I'm baffled, as that doesn't seem to be his style.

Ah. Such is the madness that is the Super Bowl. And such is the reason I wish the NFL would just play the darn thing and get it over with.

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