Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ladies and Gentleman, DAVE ROTHENBERG!

My friend and old colleague at WGCH, Dave Rothenberg, has joined the wild and wacky world of blogging. Mock the blogosphere if you wish, and believe me there's some really odious junk out here, but I think I've been a pretty good judge of passing along some good things to read.

So go read Dave. NOW.

Dave has opinions and isn't afraid to share them. Many of them are in line with me, and some aren't - just the nature of the beast. But he and I have always enjoyed a good debate, and I imagine you will also.

He's a Giants fan, bleeding Big Blue. Serious Big Blue. He mocked the Yankees when they won number 27 (OK, that got under my skin). These two things should have Tim Parry bookmarking him!

He's smart and funny. From the early postings, he has shown a penchant for driving the blog to the sports aisle, but keep a sharp eye open for some pop culture of all kinds, and mentions of his son.

Hmmm...where have I heard this formula before?

Oh, and Dave? I know you're reading. I hate the Rooney Rule. I love Mr. Rooney (no, not Ed Rooney, but Dan Rooney, Steelers owner), but the Rooney Rule is a farce.

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