Wednesday, April 01, 2009

And It's Official - The Press Box is on the Web!

Thanks for my friend and foo (don't ask) Lindsey for directing me to "The Press Box's" page on the Lifestyle Talk Radio Network's website. Nothing fancy - just a picture and a bio. I'm glad Sean and Fred got mentioned!

I guess that means I get to stick around for a little while.

We'll get some guests going but I'm still flying solo for the time being to get used to daily grind. One hour really isn't a lot of time when you get right down to it, but that's OK - I'm not complaining.

It's been a while since I've worked in what's called a clock (that is, the format of a show). Basically this tells me what time I have to work with. In most of my previous incarnations, I knew I had to get in "X" number of breaks (three or four or whatever). In other words, there were things that had to run but I could pretty much run them when I wanted.

So I have to adjust - have the guest on during the first long segment? Keep them for a half-hour? Longer? What about callers? Am I leaving myself enough time for news and such? This is a work in progress!

As the page says, podcasts are available, which is a way of saying you can download previous shows. It seems just yesterday's show is there, but I have Monday's (if you really want it).

In a stretch of time recently where I haven't been smiling a whole lot, this did bring an upward curve to my lips.

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