Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rangers Win - Up 3-1 in Series

It just ended at The Garden, and it is rocking with a noise that I'm not sure I've heard since 1994 (you thought I was going to say anything different?).

A fun flurry at the end, and the Blueshirts are truly doing a great job of frustrating the great Alex Ovechkin. Thirty-eight save for "King" Henrik Lundquist.

Great job - love playoff hockey, and Sam Rosen was really into calling it on MSG. Wow. Sam's is the current longest-running broadcaster in New York sports, topping both John Sterling and Gary Cohen by four years. He sounds like he loves what he does, and that's great.

In the excitement of the final moments, he referred to Deb Placey (now using her married name) as "Deb Kaufman." Can't say I blame him, she was known by her maiden name for many years.

(Brief name drop: I met her when she was Deb Kaufman several years ago. She always came off on TV as a very likable person with a wonderful smile. That's very true in person. She was extremely nice to talk to.)

Dumb penalty taken by Sean Avery late in the game to give Washington one last power play. That's what you're going to get from Avery, and you take the good with the bad.

I wonder what fans paid for those tickets at The Garden tonight. That's the kind of crap I've heard about with the Yankees for a month now. Just thought I'd add that.

Oh, I answered a question that I posed on "The Press Box" today. The Bruins were on the verge of sweeping the Canadiens before tonight's game and I wondered if the B's had ever swept the Habs. Now you have to understand (if you didn't know), Boston and Montreal have met 32 times in the postseason, with the Habs winning 24 of those series. So the answer, after tonight (which Boston won 4-1 to complete the sweep)? Three times: 1929, 1992, and 2009.

Boston, I tip my hat to you.


Harold said...

What did I say about the Rangers...Not over yet but looking good.

By the way...1929 Bruins one a best of 5 series (3-0) this is technically the 2nd 4 game sweep.

Go B's!!!!!!

Did you see Lucic clean Komisarik's clock with one was...borrowing from Dr. Evil..."Breath-taking"

Rob Adams said...

I saw Lucic's hit. Wow!

We played some Jack Edwards on the show yesterday. That gave me a good laugh.

Harold said...

I have to admit...he's grown on me. Sure he's an absolute

Here is a list of some of the Edwardisms during game 4:

"reach for the light switch its time to save enegry for earthday!"

"7:21 to go in the first 100 years"

"And Komisarek gets a game misconduct...Have a nice summer Mike!"

"The Montreal Canadiens put a centennial logo in their neutral zone, but the Bruins can say to them... The hundred years are over... and you're history."

"Melt down the ice, scrape off the logo, the last one to leave the Bell Centre, turn off the lights."

"A 5-minute major and game misconduct to Komisarek. But was it reckless and forceful?"

"it was against the Bruins that the Habs chose to wear their bizarre pajama convict uniforms"

Rob Adams said...

Two words on homers: John Sterling. That just about sums it up!