Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Power of Love

I don't know why, but this 80's classic by my favorite band keeps popping up recently. I heard it used as a bumper (music to go to or come back from a commercial break) during Imus in the Morning - a very unusual thing. I heard it a day later on a faint AM radio signal. I heard it while dining with friends at Kona Grill in Stamford.

I kept wondering what hearing the song in such various and strange places meant. Considering the depths of the recent rash of bad luck that I've had, I wondered if it was a sign of something.

Of course, it's probably all just coincidental but I will say this: a few days later, Sean and I were shopping in Target (you know, the Red Bullseye) when for some reason, I decided to peruse the DVD's. I figured I'd buy one if the price was right (it's gotta be something on sale and reasonable). What should I spot but "Back to the Future", featuring an Oscar-worthy turn by Hugh Anthony Cregg III - aka Huey Lewis ("I'm afraid you're just too darn loud" POETRY!). More importantly was the featured song - eventually nominated for an Oscar (it didn't win - one of history's great crimes along with Roberto Benini).

The song, of course, was "The Power of Love."

Just sayin'.

And the DVD was $10.

Consider this a nice, calm, rational version of Rule 55. Had I written this a few hours ago, you would have needed to call the fire department because I was on FIRE!

But I'm calmer now...with a plan.

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