Wednesday, April 08, 2009

See Ya!

I love my Google Reader. It allows me to follow all of my favorite blogs, and I have literally dozens. Today however, I deleted one.

So long, Mike and the Mad Blog.

At first, I thought these guys would be a good outlet to get the down and dirty thoughts about the "Mike and the Mad Dog" show (and thoughts on Mike and Chris solo after the split). What I discovered was:

1) Nobody listens to Chris Russo on Sirius.
2) Everybody hates Mike Francesa.
3) All they want to do is bitch about Mike's music, Mike's accent, his drinking Diet Coke, his arrogance, blah...blah...blah. Never a kind word to be found.

Probably most damning was that this site seems to be run by a group of disgruntled Mets fans who can't stand Mike's Yankee ways and the fact that their sports knowledge combined doesn't equal that of the big guy.

There wasn't any one particular post that made me drop them. It was just that after a while, the tone of "we hate Mike and the Yankees" got to be lame. Plus they have a group of sycophants that don't seem to want to take them down. I would have been the lone voice in the wind, which just gets one beaten up.

So I walked away.

Best of luck to them and if I sense a change I'll go back. I have nothing against them; I had just hoped for more.

OK, back to reality (which is why you haven't heard much from me lately). I'm in the sad, long process of moving out and dealing with what's going on. Some ugliness (I'm largely past it now) and keeping my eyes looking ahead.

Oh yeah, and I've got that show thing. Congrats to North Carolina and UConn for providing college basketball fans with the worst combined men's and women's finals ever. Boring.

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