Thursday, April 09, 2009

I Don't Get It

My team has won championships before (including, as you might recall, this past February). I've never gone "downtown" to party following the big title. I came close in 1996 but really wasn't interested in heading to midtown Manhattan after the Yankees won the World Series. Besides, I had to work the next morning.

My form of celebrating involves things like having a beer to toast the title, calling friends, and basking in the glow (whatever that means). Then I go to sleep. Then again I haven't watched too many title winners with a group of friends, with the exception of the World Series in 1996, when I was at a friends house, and 1999, when I was at Yankee Stadium.

So with that said, have a look at the post-NCAA Championship frenzy in Chapel Hill on Monday night.

I guess this is kind of lost on me. This feeling of WE WON! LET'S SET FIRES! LET'S JUMP OVER FIRES! LET'S PULL DOWN STREET SIGNS!

Yep. Not my style.

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Vintage Richmond said...

Two words: college students.

Damn kids! ;-)