Thursday, April 09, 2009


Sad. So very sad. The end is coming for the greatest building in the history of sports (Sorry, Roman Coliseum). Thanks, River Ave. Blues.

PeteAbe has truly become the voice of the Yankees fan. Not that he has a rooting interest but his thoughts are more often than not spot-on. He does so here in his take on Joba and the video.

PeteAbe again. He hits on many of my same concerns at the new Stadium. The out of town scoreboard is asinine. How in this day does this new building not have a full out of town scoreboard? Plus there are still non-building issues that, to me, MUST be addressed. For the love of Lawrence Peter Berra, please get rid of the YMCA. I even think I saw where some form of Cotton-Eyed Joe/Joey or whatever made an appearance. Make them leave, now. Send them to Citi Field (just kidding). If you keep these stupid things, you might as well bring T-shirt tosses and wacky mascots into the new Stadium.

River Ave. Blues lists the "Official" things of the Yankees. I think it would be nice if they recognized me as "Official Voice of Reason." Dare to dream, I suppose.

To music for a moment. The WNEW blog takes a look at the Eagles' classic "Lyin Eyes." A video performance is included. "You can't hide your Lyin' Eyes..."


My thanks to one and all for trying to promote The Press Box. Tim Parry, Nick Fox, Rob Crowley and others have done their part. Now throw in Sean Kilkelly who was on the show last Friday as my first booked phone guest. Nick Fox was on the first show, and my son was on this past Monday. Michael Breed, my longtime friend, is hoping to be on soon to discuss The Masters. Hopefully today.

Call 888-454-3378 today between 2:00 and 3:00 PM Eastern to air you sports thoughts. The phones are, shall we say, rather quiet.

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