Monday, April 20, 2009

On Today's Show

My friend Tommy Dee will join me on "The Press Box" today, 2-3 PM on the Lifestyle Talk Radio Network. Tommy writes the phenomenal The Knicks Blog, plus he knows his stuff about the Mets, Rangers and much more. It should be fun - so tune in!

Oh, and there have been some questions, so let me clarify. "The Press Box" is currently not on WGCH. To be blunt, my show airs at the same time as one of WGCH's most important shows, "The Ray Lucia Show." That would be like me trying to replace, say, Rush Limbaugh in Richmond, VA.

Wait, what?

We're hoping to get the show on WGCH eventually.

1 comment:

Vintage Richmond said...

My vote is for The Press Box in RVA!