Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some Quickies, Linkage and Stuff

Yankee Stadium opens for real today. Word to everyone once and for all - SHUT UP! We get it. ENOUGH! The overwhelming whining has got to stop. It's not the old Stadium (the '76 version) and it's sure as hell not the real old Stadium (the '23 edition). It's the '09 Stadium and it's pretty damn incredible. Learn to love it and stop whining.

Both Kimberly Jones and Bob Lorenz are blogging away now. I've never met either of them but I think they're both fine reporters and personalities. They both have a great sense of humor. Just a thought, though. Kim Jones is an attractive female reporter, a la Erin Andrews. But don't go to her blog and hit on her. It just makes you looks stupid. Can we please accept her for being a talented sports reporter?

The wearing of number 42 across baseball last night in honor of Jackie Robinson was asinine. I've not ripped Bud Selig too much, but I think he loses site and gets too politically correct. Sorry (and I know for a fact a lot of you agree with me on this one).

Honor Mr. Robinson by wearing a patch, write his number on your cleats or hat, but don't have every uniformed person wear the number. It looked dumb.

I've said many times that the Yankees should due away with God Bless America. Now comes a lawsuit over the way security treats the seventh inning stretch. Sheesh.

This had to happen. Paul Olden is Bob Shepard's temporarily permanent replacement.

Not all of the Stadium coverage is whiny. Ross at New Stadium Insider gives tips about the new digs.

I'm not one of willy-nilly retiring of numbers, but I'm biased in this case. The Oklahoma City RedHawks will retire Bobby Murcer's number one this Friday. Read about it here. To be fair, Bobby Ray never played in OK City, which is why I kind of don't agree with it, but I'm glad their favorite son (and my favorite athlete) is getting some love. They also have a bust of him outside the ballpark.

Now I want a RedHawks number one jersey!

If everyone (as in Michael Kay) had such a problem with Nick Swisher's antics the other night, why did Rays' manager Joe Maddon send the lineup card to Swisher as a keepsake of his pitching performance?

Few people are as high and mighty about baseball and the past and the right way as I am, but even I saw no problem with Swisher. Lighten up, Michael.

You've heard the highlight of the Jets winning Super Bowl III ("the clock has run out, there's the gun and the Jets are the champions of the football world!"). Merle Harmon spoke those words. He passed away at the age of 82.

Tom Hoffrath says we need to stop worrying about the decline of the great Vin Scully. Maybe so, but that day is coming and it will be a sad one indeed.

One last thing - I'm always saddened at the way these TV and radio contracts are written. I wish they would let the viewer/listener choose. The MLB Network will have live coverage of the Yankees/Indians game at the Stadium, with Bob Costas on the call. Like him or not, he's a great play-by-play announcer and baseball is better for having him back at the mic. Harold Reynolds and Jim Kaat will join him in the booth. Yet in New York, we're stuck with Michael Kay and company.


Of course on the radio side is the usual duo of John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman.


Enjoy the game, and listen to The Press Box at two o'clock today (in the East).

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