Friday, April 17, 2009

Top 10 Steelers Ever?

From Bleacher Report, have a look at their choices for the top 10 Steelers ever.

10. Hines Ward/John Stallworth
9. Jack Ham
8. Mel Blount
7. Lynn Swann
6. Ben Roethlisberger
5. Franco Harris
4. Jack Lambert
3. Jerome Bettis
2. Terry Bradshaw
1. Joe Greene

#10 is a cop-out. Honestly I think I'd boot Ben and put Hines at 10 and Stallworth at nine. The Bus might be a little too high but I get his significance. Then again there's no mention of Ernie Stautner and the other great Steelers prior to 1969, when Mean Joe was drafted.

One other big beef I have here: of the 11 players listed, SIX are on offense. No no no...these are the Pittsburgh Steelers - the team of defense. Where's LC Greenwood or Mike Webster (offense, yes, but on the line at Center)? What about Dwight White and Rod Woodson? You know I could keep going with this, and I think you've got the idea.

Yet numbers one and two are spot on. The leader of the defense at number one and the offensive leader at number two. OK by me.

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