Saturday, December 06, 2008

An Update and a Warm Thought

Tim Parry says the New Canaan/Darien game will possibly start at 4:00.


I'm thinking about next June 19th. Why?

The Renegades schedule is out!

Baseball broadcasting gods willing, I will be a part of the 2009 Renegades broadcasting crew. No guarantees, but I'd like to join Sean Ford in the booth again.

Guess while I'm at it, I should tell you that, barring any unforeseen problems, I'll be in the booth for some Greenwich Cardinals ice hockey, and I expect John Spang to be my side for our 11th year.

I know, there are no "booths" in high school ice hockey, but you get my point.

I'll give you the details when they become official. I also hope to add Greenwich basketball, along with some Brunswick sports as well.

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