Monday, December 29, 2008

Phil Mushnick: Upright, Uptight Citizen

Amazing. Purely amazing. From Awful Announcing:
I have yet to find/see the video on this, but a few outlets are freaking out because the NFL on FOX's Howie Long decided to call co-worker Terry Bradshaw a "scumbag" during the pregame show on the network. The comment came after Bradshaw said he was rooting for the Lions to lose their last game and finish 0-16.
From there, the New York Post's resident pantywaist got his stuff all twisted.
That gave Long, Bradshaw and Fox 58 minutes to apologize, to express their regrets to a national audience for having ambushed it during Sunday daylight.

None came. Perhaps they felt they'd said nothing inappropriate, or, at worst, it was no big deal. Hey, if there were kids watching, that's what the Fox robot is for!
Oh Phil, Phil, Phil. Is it a slow day? Are you angry because you're working this week? Are you troubled because you don't really have Mike and the Mad Dog to fight over any more? Or is just because the WWE hasn't given you anything to troll about?

Haysooz Cristo. Get a grip.

Hey! Did anyone notice that the Patriots and Cowboys are both out of the playoffs? They were my Super Bowl pick, by the way, but that's OK. I'd rather be wrong on that one, thanks all the same.

I'll eventually stop hating on you, Pats. Just not right now. My boy Nick Angotto will make me see right again, I promise.

So is this the behavior where I'm being smug, self-absorbed, or both? I get confused on these things so quickly!

I'm out of here before I say more snide things.

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